Thursday, 8 April 2010

Feeling Inspired

SO I have been working on a few projects. As some may well know we have made the decision to home school...I think it is the perfect decision for us. Homeschooling isn't for everyone and I can completely understand that, it takes a lot of work and even more sacrifice on the part of the parents to do it well. We haven't started the "proper curriculum" as of yet because I feel that Judah is still too young. We will be starting after his fourth birthday. In the mean time we are working on some Montessori schooling, what that boils down to is home chores, everyday things that he will need to know to function as a young person. I said all that to say that since we will be starting Judah in his homeschooling from when he is four I wanted to get him involved with other children who are in the same or similar life situations as he. We have met a lovely family called the Brooks. Jeremy and Lydia have five gorgeous kids. Eleni, Noah, Alice, Ezra and Naomi. Judah just so happens to be smack dab in the middle of Alice and Ezra in age. Alice is four and Ezra is two. They all get along so well. I think it can be a bit overwhelming for Judah at times. Recently Lydia told me that she was having trouble finding aprons for her children to wear while helping her cook that fit properly. She showed me one that she has that is totally adjustable and in a way I have NEVER seen before. So I told her that if she would lend me hers I would sew some up for the kids. So that is one of the projects I have been working on...they have turned out really well! (I will post photos soon). I will tell about the other projects as they are closer to completion. I am so thankful to have met Lydia she is so lovely and is a great example to be on how to be a homeschooling Mom and keep your sanity! I figure if she can do it with 3 of her 5 with the younger two running around then I can surely do it with just my 1!

In other news, Matthew and I made a decision that we really haven't shared with many people. Mothers Day here is different to America...and it was about 4 weeks ago now. During that Sunday morning I really felt the Holy Spirit begin to speak to me about things that are time stealer's...and one of them being our TV! When Matthew and I got home from church I shared with him what the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart and being the wonderful leader in our home that he is said "well then, if this is what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, we will get rid of it". So that is exactly what we did. We took the TV out of the living room and stored it until we can sell it...and have canceled our cable service. Judah woke up to a whole new world! He asked his daddy when he got up the next morning and finally noticed that the TV was gone..."Daddy, where are my movies". Poor boy.. but I will tell you that I have seen a major difference in him.

Now that we have more free time we are listening to sermons online and reading more books. God has been revealing so much to us in the last 4 weeks. We are so very blessed. I am looking forward to posting some of the thoughts, revelations and even teaching material that has come out of this process.

Thank you Lord for the growing pains for in the end I will be beautiful....

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lindsey said...

Wow, all of this is wonderful! It truly is amazing how much the technologies of our day can take away much-needed family and God time. I needed to be reminded of this! And, I think it is great that you are planning on home-schooling. I cannot wait to hear more about and see your projects!!

And, YES, I would LOVE to see you if you come to the states soon!! We are supposed to be moving sometime soon, but it could be a while. So, besides that and Anniston's birthday the beginning of June, I think we're free! I hope it works out to get together!!! I would LOVE it!!!