Friday, 12 December 2008


After months on end of sleepless nights we had a major breakthrough. After a couple of days of our new "sleep plan" we have had success. I must admit that the "sleep plan" we decided on was probably the hardest for me to deal with. I don't like hearing my son cry so this was a challenge for me as well as for Judah.
We made a few changes that we think have helped along with the sleep plan. We moved Judah to the back bedroom where there is no road noise or noise from the neighbors (who sometime get into it late at night and have been so loud they have disturbed his sleep). Not only did we move his bedroom...we gave him a single bed with a feather top mattress.
Our sleep plan goes like this...we take him to his room...say his prayers with him....lay him down and tell him we love him....then I walk out as he follows me to the gate and begins screeming. I let 10 minutes pass ... go back to his room and cuddle him....lay him back down and walk out again...then let 5 minutes pass...then again with the checking on him then another 2.5 mintues then check on him then if he is still going for it....I start over with 10 minutes...he hasn't made it past the second round of the first 10 minutes yet.

He slept from 7:30 last night until 5:10 this morning! Then went back to bed until 7:15!!!!

SO excited. I have finally got to sleep in my bed with JUST my huband.

Well that is all for now but will update when I get another free minute!


Thursday, 4 December 2008

JitterBug Fun

Below are a few photos of my little man having a blast at is a fantastic indoor play center for children. But don't be fooled. A lot of parents are climbing through the huge apparatus. I feel completely comfortable sitting down with a cup of coffee to chat to some of the Mom's I have met there while he runs around and plays. The way it is set up it is easy to keep an eye on your little one while you sit and enjoy some adult conversation.

As I was laying in bed last night...with Judah just next to me (he came running in crying), I kept humming these tunes in my head. When Matthew came to bed I told him how I felt so silly because I kept singing all these crazy kid songs that are from the shows that Judah watches. Then I started singing them to him so he could feel a bit crazy with me! He just laughed. Thank God for other mother's who understand me.
Yesterday afternoon I took Judah to the JB we played until Matthew got off work...he walked to the JB to meet us...the took a few minuted to play with Judah in the play areas. He is such a good daddy. While we were there I met another Mom. Her name is Marjam (she is Iranian) she is so lovely. When we were chatting she said that she knew I must be American because I was so naturally social. (She and her husband lived in California for a while -- her son was born there). We have made plans to meet up again and let the boys play. What a great opportunity to show the Love of Christ.

Here are a few photos of my lovely little one having a big time at our favorite play center.

Playing the the Under 3's play area.
Coming down the BIG slide ALL BY HIMSELF! The top of the slide starts where the light is on the top right hand side of the photo.
Going up the "mountain" to get to the big slide! Again all by himself!
Big rotating part to a mini obstacle coarse.
Playing foosball!
Judah in the futbol/soccer pitch

I will add more photos as we will be doing some more outings soon.

Monday, 1 December 2008

BBC's Good Food Show

What a blast!!!! Yesterday I got to go to the BBC's Good Food Show in Birmingham at the NEC. It was so much fun. The NEC is about 2 miles long and was packed full of stalls/vendors and wall to wall people. At one point it was hard to walk thru the crowd. Vanessa and I sat for nearly 3 hours to wait to see Gordon Ramsey cook at one of the shows...however he couldn't be there so Angela Harnett took his place. She is brillant. Very interesting personality and quite a dry scense of humor....I liked her. I got a few things at the show, a couple of knives, some different food items a plate and bowl for Judah. All in all it was great. I think that Vanessa and I will plan to got to the Summer Food Show again at the NEC.

On to Judah updates... So my little man is beginning to talk. It has only been one week but in that week something has changed. He was jumping up and down on me yesterday and was saying onnnn (1) ewhhhh (2) eeeee (3) and then he would jump and sit down. He is also saying oohse -- juice... he also says "what?" and no, gone gone, all gone. It is so funny to hear what he sounds like when he actually uses words. Too cute! He has become very confident in other areas.. Much more indepentent, he lets us know when he is ready to go to bed and when he wants a bath, if he doesn't want something we know very quickly. He is something. I love my little man...this is such a great adventure. I must be off now.. until then.