Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Enjoying Everyday Life

We have been working on a new schedule for Judah as he had be struggling with his sleep schedule. This week we have been doing nightly baths (we had only been doing them every other night or so because he wasn't out doing a lot of stinky boy stuff!) and reading him one of our big books that we have been reading as a couple. At the moment it is The Dream Giver by D Wilkinson. We eat dinner, listen to some worship music for a bit then off to bath time the to bed. This week has been so good...we lay him in bed...say our prayers, tell a quick story and then we say good night and leave the room.....last week he was screaming at the gate until he figured that he better go to bed...now he just lays in bed and goes right to sleep and SLEEPS ALL THRU THE NIGHT!!! 7:30 -7:30!

So I thought that I would put in some photos of Judah at bath time last night.

Judah loves to help me cook, clean, do laundry and vacuum ...so last night I was making toad in the hole (sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter and baked in the oven) and Judah wanted to help. He helped mix the flour and water/milk and egg mixture. Then he put in the herbs and whisked away! After I put the toad in the hold in the oven he wanted to continue to cook so I let him make a pretend soup! Soooooo sweet!
Just before dinner was finished in walks my wonderful husband with a lovely surprise for me....and gorgeous purple Orchid flower plant and a card. Here are the photos of the orchid.

Judah turns 2

The morning of Judah's birthday I was very emotional. I had been writing in his birthday card, and as I have had the great pleasure of reading lovely things my mom had written to me when I was a tiny tot I thought that I would do the same for Judah. I sat to write to him about how very blessed I feel to have him as my son and how I feel that God has blessed me beyond measure to have chosen me to be his mommy. I told him how special he is and I know that God has big plans for his life. As I was writing my mind traveled back in time 2 years earlier when I was in the hospital waiting to have my little bundle of joy and wondering if my baby was a boy or a girl. The events continued to play on the big screen of my mind. The long labor, then the decision made by the doctor to proceed with the C-section....being in the operating room and then hearing the first cries my baby would ever make!!!! As I sat there enjoying the memories of that most special time I found myself in tears of joy and great gratitude. I realized how abundantly blessed I am to have this very special person in my life. Then a great heaviness came over me, the realization that I have this massive responsibility to shape and mould this little person. Knowing that every word, action and attitude is being carefully studied and mimicked was like being hit by a ton of bricks. Wow, all I could think is that God has entrusted me with this beautiful and perfectly wonderful creation. Even now I am so overwhelmed!

Every day that I get to see his beautiful face, precious little smile, sparkling eyes, curious hands, fast and sporty feet, experience his exciting and playful personality and hear his contagious and joyous laugh I am honored to be his mommy and blessed that God trusted me enough to give him to me.

Just a bit about his party!
I can't believe he is 2! We had such a good time at Judah's party. He had a few friends and a few family members come. I think the decision to have the party at Jitterbugs was both good and bad. Good because I didn't have to set up or clean up. Bad because it was PACKED.... a lot of big kids and they don't watch the smaller children.

When it came time for the kiddos to sing happy birthday to Judah, he didn't want to sit down to have the cake brought to him to blow the candle out....he wanted to open his presents. So to keep him from being upset...he got to open a few presents while the kids sang to him. I was glad he didn't cry when everyone was singing to him.

And some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Rush is Over

Now that Christmas and New Years have come and gone things are settling down. We had a lovely Christmas. Judah was big enough this year to enjoy ripping all the paper off the presents...his and everyone else's that is if they would let him. He got lots of fantastic stuff. Electric Drum set, Art table and all the stuff that would go with it, educational puzzles, trucks, clothing. New Years was good...we had a few family member here as well as Matthew's best mate, Steven. We played Taboo, guys against girls, and the guys beat us pretty bad!!
Now that the new year is in full swing Judah is starting pre-school...at home. I have found a fantastic Pre-School Homeschooling Curriculum. I am constantly amazed at how quickly he learns things. He isn't speaking english yet...well some things but most things are still Judahish! I have lots of plans for him this year and am looking forward to watching him grow and learn and Succeed!

Matthew and I have a few things on our own goal list for the year. Those things will be kept to ourselves for a while until we feel it is time to release them. As for life things are good. God is faithful and we are just living everyday life.

Until the next time,