Thursday, 27 November 2008

Good Friends...

...but oh so far away! So I have some of the best friends in the world. Those who I have a face to face relationship with...others I have met via xanga or other blog sites...those I went to church with...those I went to school with...and others I have met along the way.

I find that some people in mxany life have been only just a seasonal gift from the Lord for a specific time, place and situation. There are others who I would have never really imagined I would be friends with, then there are those who are just lagniappe...just that little extra from God.

This week I have gotten to chat via email, myspace messages, facebook messages and even telephone with some of these wonderful blessing. My heart has been so lifted by the sincere and thoughtful comments and even just genuine conversation I have had with these lovely people. I stopped and for a moment the Holy Spirit reminded me via the love of friends how very much the Lord loves me and cares for me that he would give me such lovely people to come along side of me and lift me up and care so genuinely about me. Thank you! I am so blessed to have each of you in my life.
Kendra, thank you for a constant laugh or amusement, you always put a smile on my face...I know we have yet to meet face to face but you have been a source of encouragement just being you. Reading your thoughts and honest blogs on xanga have been wonderful. Our emails, though few and often brief, have been lovely and I always look forward them.
Angela, you are one of the ones that came into my life many years ago via Chi Alpha...and although we haven't seen one another in ages..we always seem to be able to pick up just where we left off and it feels very natural. I am so proud of you. You have a heart of gold...and I am so blessed by you.
Mel Howard, Wow, what are friend you have been to my mom and dad. Although you started off as my mom and dads friend...we have always just are so fun to be around, I always know that whenever I am around you there will always be laughs! Thank you for all the little emails, comments, love you show me. You are a blessing and I love you girl. I miss you.
One of my friends from home, who I got to see and spend some time with while our boys played together at the park when we were home last has become more of a blessing than she may know...during the last couple of weeks during all that yuckiness...she emailed me via myspace to check that I was alright...and to just see if I needed to chat...asked how Judah was doing. My family have been there always but for a friend to check on you when you are down somehow makes you feel that much more special and loved. Allison THANK YOU, your concern and care have been such a blessing to me. Whats more your love for simalar things has been just so fun.. I have enjoyed our emails back and forth about homemade/handmade gifts and crafts. You are a fantastic friend and I am thankful for your friendship to me...even if it is one of distance. These four people are just a few there are others but to go thru and thank each of you would take days...and I think that this post is quite long enough...If you weren't mentioned personally today you are no less special...I am pretty sure you (who weren't mentioned today) will be in another post...but these three are the ones I have had on my heart the last few days.

Thank you again to all my friends and especially to my family...I know I didn't mention much about them but then again they are ALWAYS the first to be called upon and I always know that they will be there. THANK YOU!

Only By His Grace,


Angela Rose said...

Allenia, I love you. I don't have that special "pick up where we left off" relationship with a lot of people, but I'm so glad you're one of them!
I will be praying for you ya'll.
Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Allenia, I know what you mean when you say that it is a wonderful adventure everyday, being a mom. I want to hear Judah's talking voice, I know it is so sweet and all the cute things he is doing is so funny. His one, two, three was precious, the way you tried to spell out how he said it made me smile. It is endearing. Anna has begun, in the past 2 weeks cooing and "talking" and smiling like the sun itself. She is so precious and everyday is a new day of wonder and thanksgiving with her. I was touched to be mentioned in your blog as a friend. You have no shortage of friends and people who love you deeply. I love being able to come and read about your life, it makes you seem near. My prayers are always with you and your family. Give Ju-Ju a kiss from me. I love you...Mel

Allison said...

I am so thankful to have you as a friend. Even though we only talk through myspace I still feel close to you and I have enjoyed our conversations over the phone lately. It is so cool that we have the same interests and crafty minds. And now we have boys the same age, who are so precious. I am so happy for you and the life you and your husband have chosen to live for yourselves and sweet Judah! I wanted to thankyou for your comment you left me on myspace about how my mom would be proud.... that meant so much to me. You are an awesome mom Allenia and a wonderful person. I dont know if I ever told you this but it is so much fun to say crazy things that fly out of my mouth to hear you laugh! Your laugh is the most non fake laugh ever!!!! It makes me crack up to hear you laugh, I mean it sounds like you are about to fall out from laughing! I luv it! Well I am just rambling on,just wanted you to knoe I luv ya!