Monday, 1 December 2008

BBC's Good Food Show

What a blast!!!! Yesterday I got to go to the BBC's Good Food Show in Birmingham at the NEC. It was so much fun. The NEC is about 2 miles long and was packed full of stalls/vendors and wall to wall people. At one point it was hard to walk thru the crowd. Vanessa and I sat for nearly 3 hours to wait to see Gordon Ramsey cook at one of the shows...however he couldn't be there so Angela Harnett took his place. She is brillant. Very interesting personality and quite a dry scense of humor....I liked her. I got a few things at the show, a couple of knives, some different food items a plate and bowl for Judah. All in all it was great. I think that Vanessa and I will plan to got to the Summer Food Show again at the NEC.

On to Judah updates... So my little man is beginning to talk. It has only been one week but in that week something has changed. He was jumping up and down on me yesterday and was saying onnnn (1) ewhhhh (2) eeeee (3) and then he would jump and sit down. He is also saying oohse -- juice... he also says "what?" and no, gone gone, all gone. It is so funny to hear what he sounds like when he actually uses words. Too cute! He has become very confident in other areas.. Much more indepentent, he lets us know when he is ready to go to bed and when he wants a bath, if he doesn't want something we know very quickly. He is something. I love my little man...this is such a great adventure. I must be off now.. until then.

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Hannah Lee said...

Hey Allenia! Its Hannah! Love reading about your precious bay-bay! So glad to see we share the joy of blogging together! It is a great way for me to "veg" out and keep family updated! I am going to add you to my blog roll. Here is our website--