Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Rush is Over

Now that Christmas and New Years have come and gone things are settling down. We had a lovely Christmas. Judah was big enough this year to enjoy ripping all the paper off the presents...his and everyone else's that is if they would let him. He got lots of fantastic stuff. Electric Drum set, Art table and all the stuff that would go with it, educational puzzles, trucks, clothing. New Years was good...we had a few family member here as well as Matthew's best mate, Steven. We played Taboo, guys against girls, and the guys beat us pretty bad!!
Now that the new year is in full swing Judah is starting home. I have found a fantastic Pre-School Homeschooling Curriculum. I am constantly amazed at how quickly he learns things. He isn't speaking english yet...well some things but most things are still Judahish! I have lots of plans for him this year and am looking forward to watching him grow and learn and Succeed!

Matthew and I have a few things on our own goal list for the year. Those things will be kept to ourselves for a while until we feel it is time to release them. As for life things are good. God is faithful and we are just living everyday life.

Until the next time,



Hannah Lee said...

I am so glad the holidays went well for everyone! Let me know how the pre-school curriculum goes and if there is anything I can teach my little Jackson. We read a lot...A I know that helps! Miss you!

Kendra S-L said...

Glad the holidays were merry and bright. Please share your resources on the preschool curriculum. Good for you, woman!