Friday, 12 December 2008


After months on end of sleepless nights we had a major breakthrough. After a couple of days of our new "sleep plan" we have had success. I must admit that the "sleep plan" we decided on was probably the hardest for me to deal with. I don't like hearing my son cry so this was a challenge for me as well as for Judah.
We made a few changes that we think have helped along with the sleep plan. We moved Judah to the back bedroom where there is no road noise or noise from the neighbors (who sometime get into it late at night and have been so loud they have disturbed his sleep). Not only did we move his bedroom...we gave him a single bed with a feather top mattress.
Our sleep plan goes like this...we take him to his room...say his prayers with him....lay him down and tell him we love him....then I walk out as he follows me to the gate and begins screeming. I let 10 minutes pass ... go back to his room and cuddle him....lay him back down and walk out again...then let 5 minutes pass...then again with the checking on him then another 2.5 mintues then check on him then if he is still going for it....I start over with 10 minutes...he hasn't made it past the second round of the first 10 minutes yet.

He slept from 7:30 last night until 5:10 this morning! Then went back to bed until 7:15!!!!

SO excited. I have finally got to sleep in my bed with JUST my huband.

Well that is all for now but will update when I get another free minute!



Hannah Lee said...

YAH FOR SLEEPING THRU THE NIGHT! I know you feel like a brand new woman! Just keep it up...Mothering is the hardest job ever. Consistency is the key here. Love you1

Simply Sarah said...

I agree with Hannah. And you know how you felt that first night? Once it's down pat, you'll feel like that from then on! (Although I don't know from personal experience :) ) Good luck!